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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stampers Club Technique class!!

We had our first Stampers Club Technique Class yesterday and we had great time learning some great new techniques. Above is my neices take on the card I designed to show how to use the Stampa-ma-jig and our embossing powder. I LOVE the way she turned her layers. I do the usual, boring, straight and center layering. I also had the ribbon in the upper left corner I like that she placed it sideways. Way to go Morgan!!
I have been asked recently what I like about being a demonstrator. My response is always that, "I love seeing the creative ideas that my customer come up with." I never consider myself the "expert" just because I am the demonstrator. Many times I believe my customer have better ideas than I.
So, if you have ever thought that you have to be an "expert" to be a demo think again. This is so much fun and so easy to do, honestly. Just give me a call or drop an e-mail and I would be happy to get you started on the road to having fun with your family and friends.
One last pic -

This is my sister showing off her cards. The one on the left, her right hand, was the refected image technique they learned, they were all so surprised how easy it was. The one on the right was the embossed one we made using the Stampa-ma-jig. As you can see she followed my directions. She did use a smaller portion of the flowers and I like that also, it is not so overpowering.
If you would like to be part of the club leave a message or check HERE for more info. We only have 3 spots available at the moment. After this group is full I will take names for a second group.