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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I know I have been slow at blogging this month. Here is the card I made for my sweetheart for today. I borrowed the idea from my upline, Jill, who says she got the idea from an add for Country Living magazine. Ideas are everywhere when you let your mind find them. I have found that I am starting to notice things like that, I just haven't gotten to the point of actually creating the things I see yet. I know that it will come in time though.
For those who are just starting out in rubber stamping, it took me awhile, about a year, before I started getting creative on my own. When I wanted to make something I would spend much time on the computer looking for something I could make or as some call it CASE (Copy and Share everything.)So I say, don't be afraid to look around and get ideas from others, eventually you also will be creating your own designs and crafts.
I will share a card tomorrow that I designed myself. The idea I got from my upline, Jill, but the design is my own. It will be one of those ever popular easel cards.
Happy Crafting!!!!

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