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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My First MDS card

Whoo Hoo! I did it! Here is my first My Digital Studio card! I finally got My Digital Studio and I am loving it! I have just been playing around with it this evening and this is what I created. I can order this card from the professional printing place through Stampin' Up! and get the true to life Stampin' Up! colors or I can print it out on my computer. I can print it as is and leave it or I can add real items such as the brads after it is printed and have what is called a hybrid card.
I can also just take this design and, knowing exactly what I want, go and make this card and not have to worry about what looks best with what. I already know what it is going to look like before I cut any paper or ribbon or stamp any stamp! No more wasted product.
If you have any questions about My Digital Studio please be sure to call or e-mail me as I am My Digital Studio Certified.
Happy Crafting.

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  1. You can't claim it's your first. It's actually your 2nd! ;o) But the first done with your own MDS. Congrats! It's very pretty.