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SUDSOL Design Team

Thursday, July 1, 2010


My Henry is still in the hospital and will have to have triple by pass surgery. They are looking a doing it Friday the 2nd but are not sure. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. This has been difficult. Will try to keep updated. Thank you all for following and being patient with me not posting my crafting. Other things take priority sometimes.
Hope you all are getting to enjoy crafting at the moment and I will look over your work when I am able.


  1. Prayers are with you and Henry.

  2. Deborah, I'm sure everyone is hoping for the best for you and Henry and not worried about missing your crafting (As awesome as it is though!)
    Take all the time you need and we'll be right here when you need us! And we will definitely look forward to when you return to creating!

    I hope to hear some positive news about Henry in the near future!

    Thoughts are with you both.